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Achieve Natural V-Shape Face

With Facia’s Signature Small Face Care

Desire a Perfectly Contoured, V-Shaped Face?

Experience the magic of natural Japanese facial massage at Facia Ginza – no needles, no surgery!

Unlock Your Skin’s Potential with Irresistible Japanese Facial Treatments

Experience a Radiant Transformation at Facia – Singapore’s Premier Skincare Destination

Looking for a Safe and Natural Way to a V-Shaped Face?

Try our Japanese facial massages and step into a new world of beauty at Facia Ginza.

Facia Ginza Singapore

Founded in Tokyo, we are the award-winning salon that have since expanded to Taipei, Singapore and Hong Kong. Since 2016, we have revolutionised beauty with our natural, non-invasive treatment.

Famous for the Signature Small Face Care, we have helped countless women in Asia achieve their beauty goals without surgery.

We emphasised on a result-oriented approach while delivering the best service for all valued customers. Experts in the domain of KOGAO massage, our therapists undergoes strict training and are constantly re-evaluated by our Master Trainer to make sure of the highest standards of treatment at Facia Ginza.

Our Treatments & Services

Signature Small Face Care

Through deep-bone massage, women will be able to achieve the immediate effects of face contouring, facial slimming and radiant skin.

Clinical-Grade Skin Solution

A wide array of facial treatment is available for all skin types. We focus effecting long-term changes to give you fundamentally improved skin in the long-run.

IPL Facial Rejuvenation

Intense Pulsed Light is a highly effective way to lighten pigmentation and spots. It also renews the collagen of you skin, leading to improved skin tone in the long run.

Why Choose Facia Ginza For Your Facial Treatment?

Japanese Vlogger Sayuri (@SAYULOG) at Facia Ginza!

Experience timeless beauty at Facia Ginza, Singapore’s premier destination for cell activation. Our personalized care and groundbreaking treatments unveil a new level of radiance.

Discover your skin’s true potential with our meticulous analysis and custom treatment plans. Our focus on cell activation ensures vibrant health and restored vitality.

Indulge in our signature Small Face Care Treatment, combat aging, and enhance your natural beauty. Achieve a youthful V-shaped face while releasing tension. Choose Facia Ginza for unrivaled expertise and affordable prices. Unlock your inner beauty today.

Our Accolades & Achievements

Facia Ginza’s dedication to excellence in skincare has been recognized by multiple prestigious institutions. Our commitment to quality service, personalized care, and innovative facial treatments has not only won the hearts of our clients but also garnered attention from industry professionals.

Best Shaping Facial in Singapore

In less than 1 year since the launch of Facia Ginza in Singapore, our siganture treatment have achieved the award for Best Shaping Facial. The Spa Award is presented by the beauty team at Harper’s Bazaar Singapore, under the leading media company of Singapore Press Holdings (SPH). 

Highly Recognized on TripAdvisor

The main outlet of Facia Ginza, located in Tokyo, is ranked #1 for Spa & Wellness in the region. 

 Facia Ginza Singapore have also achieved TOP #10* ranking in Singapore in its 1st year of operation

Winner – LTG Spa & Wellness Awards 2018

Facia Ginza have recently been awarded winner at the Luxury Travel Group (LTG) Spa & Wellness Awards 2018.

The Luxury Travel Guide Spa & Wellness Awards recognise salons around the world to celebrate excellence throughout the industry.

Visible Results from One Session (小臉矯正)

Experience a remarkable change in your face appearance after just a single session for Small Face Care treatment at Facia Ginza. Our specialized services are designed to provide visible results swiftly, enhancing your natural beauty in no time

Achieving My Ideal Face Shape

“Initially, I was afraid of trying the treatment due to fear of pain. In the end, I am very glad that I tried it.

The pain was bearable but most importantly, the massage was a great way to relieve myself from the stress of work.

Immediate & Visible Results

“For a long time, I have wanted a smaller face. After just 1 session, I was in complete shocked when I saw the mirror.

I must say that the massage was very comfortable for me and made me feel much better in the days after treatment.”

Goodbye Puffy Cheeks

“A sharper face without the puffy cheeks was always my dream. Thanks to Small Face Care, I manage to achieve it.

Now, my jawline is must sharper. My skin and complexion has also improved from the improved blood circulation.”

2023 Facial Treatment Promotion

Take advantage of our limited-time facial treatment promotions for 2023. Give your skin the gift of revitalization and radiance with our exclusive offers.

The Most Popular Treatment at Facia Ginza Singapore!

Combining our Signature Small Face Care with a Clinical-grade Facial Treatment of your choice, the Premium Facial Care is a complete facial treatment that delivers long-term benefits to you.

Terms & Conditions

– Therapist Request is not permitted

– Appointment have to be made before visit

– Valid for First-Trial customers at Clarke Quay & Orchard Branch

Japanese Facial Treatment with Unique Face Massage

This combines a unique face massage methodology with a facial treatment using clinical-grade facial products from Japan. Achieve facial lifting and rejuveated skin today!

Terms & Conditions

– Therapist Request is not permitted

– Appointment have to be made before visit

– Valid for first trial customer at Orchard Branch only


Client Testimonials: The Proof of Our Excellence

Through the words of our satisfied clients, discover the Facia Ginza difference. These testimonials serve as testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence in facial treatment and customer service

Kaye C
Kaye C
Yiyin is currently my favourite therapist. She is attentive to details such as always sanitising her hands before touching my face and after massaging my head. She doesn’t hurry through the steps and has the most soothing touch. She will usually go through the ultrasonic cleansing, lifting, etc not once but twice, and in a unilateral movement. I tried the face massage (redeemable after 15 sessions) today, after my 23rd premium facial + small face treatment with Facia Ginza. Felt so pampered under Yiyin’s care. Will be back for more!
Ahh Joyyy
Ahh Joyyy
First time visit and I was amazed by the results. Immediately signed 10 sessions after my 2 hours of facial and face massage. Thanks Ivy for the warmth welcome and looking forward to my next session!
Amazing service! Tried their small face restructuring treatment and it really worked! It's definitely painful, however I let the therapist used her full force on my face coz I told her I've high pain tolerance level and no pain, no gain 😉 I didn't sign up their package but I'm going back for another session in 2 weeks time.
Been a customer for 3 years now! Gentle and effective facial, really great shoulder and head massage which I need. Vivien is friendly efficient and very very strong - just what I need!
Excellent face massage by Vivian! Clean and spacious massage rooms. I’ve done the face massage 4 times and it has really improved the symmetry of my face, my eye bags and overall circulation. Will definitely recommend people with tired skin / shoulder to try this.
Recommended for their small face treatment, they have the best service and relaxing atmosphere. Love my therapist lordes she is petite but powerful touches! Remembering our little conversations and always looking out for me, giving tips on how to be healthier etc. 10 stars!
Joanne Tang
Joanne Tang
So far I'm into my second package already. I highly recommend my therapist, Ivy. She has a special eye for aesthetics and symmetry. And because every face is unique, she customize treatment for her clients. Most importantly, results is important to her. My face, my eyes are now more symmetrical. My laugh lines are lighten, which I guess is due to my face being more lifted. And the back of my head seems rounder, which is great, my head looks better especially when wearing a tight ponytail.

Facial Treatment Frequently Asked Questions

What is Small Face Care?

Small face care is a special type of facial treatment offered by Facia Ginza. This treatment is designed to help redefine the contours of the face, resulting in a more balanced and harmonious appearance. The treatment includes a unique blend of manual lymph drainage, muscle toning, and deep tissue massage to reduce puffiness, enhance the facial profile, and stimulate the natural lifting of the skin. The end result is a “smaller,” more refined-looking face. It’s important to note that this does not physically alter the bone structure of your face but instead works with the muscles and lymphatic system to create a more sculpted appearance.

How often should I get small face care?

We recommend that customers visit 1 or 2 times per week initially. After a few sessions, we recommend reducing the frequency to once a month for maintenance, depending on the customer’s condition.

Our therapist will consult with you and provide the best treatment plan to address your concerns regarding asymmetrical facial features and desired improvements.

Is Small Face Care painful?

Small Face Care can be quite comfortable during the muscle loosening part but may also cause temporary pain during the bone correction phase. However, the treatment is performed within a pain range that customers can withstand.

Our therapists will make every effort to ensure your comfort during the treatment.

How long can I expect to see results?

You can see results even after a single treatment. The effects of the treatment typically last from 3 days to 1 week.

Many customers experience immediate effects and express satisfaction with the lifting, improved skin brightness, and alleviation of headaches, shoulder stiffness, and eye strain.

What types of facials do you offer?

At Facia Ginza, we offer a wide range of facial treatments designed to meet a variety of skincare needs. Our services include the signature Small Face Care, Bihada Plus Facial, Clinical-Grade Skin Solution, IPL Facial Rejuvenation and other specialized treatments for skin concerns such as dryness, and pigmentation. Please visit our ‘Treatments‘ page to learn more.

Do you have any promotions or packages available?

We provide a range of facial treatment promotions and packages throughout the year.

Please consult our staff for further details regarding any ongoing offers.

Do you offer any add-on services, such as facial massages?

Yes, we offer a variety of add-on services that can be integrated into your facial treatment. These may include facial massages, the injection of beauty essence, exfoliating treatments, and more.

Please inquire with our staff for further information about the available options.

How much does it cost?

A single Small Face Care session costs $188+.

We offer a range of menus to suit your budget.

We meticulously select and utilize only the highest-quality products that are truly effective.

We aim to provide you with the most beautiful skin you have ever seen and exceed your expectations. Additionally, we have a special promotion for first-time customers, allowing you to try and experience both our Small Face Care and facial treatment.

How can I make an appointment?

Please make a phone call or send a WhatsApp message to the salon you wish to visit.

We have a special promotion available for first-time customers. Please contact us to learn more and enjoy our facial treatment.

Is there any hard selling? Do I have to sign a package that day?

No, we don’t engage in hard selling or force you to sign a package on the day.

We will advise and inform you about the recommended treatment and our package system, but the decision is yours to make.

We strive to provide the best service and create a relaxing and welcoming environment.