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Featured on ExpatLiving and Exciting Product Promotion (Aug Newsletter)

 It have been another great month with you.

As of 1st August 2018, Facia Ginza Singapore is ranked 14th out of 409 Spa & Wellness Salons in Singapore on TripAdvisor  

In August, we also managed to host 3 ladies from the ExpatLiving team who became immensely impressedand satisfied with our treatment.

Lastly, we also launched a new WOVE HomeCare Bundle where you can enjoy 23% off five items.

Last month, Facia Ginza is delighted to host three ladies from the Expat Living team. 
It was a bit painful but as they say, no pain no gain — the results speak for itself!

“I experienced immediate results on my face: a slimmer, more symmetrical and brighter-looking canvas. The tension on my shoulders and neck had dissipated, and my head felt lighter, too.”

Anthia Chng
ExpatLiving Hair & Beauty Editor

Aside from the highly popular Small Face Care, do you know that Facia Ginza also delivers clinical-grade skincare solutions? 

Specially sourced from Tokyo, the products and machine used are developed by Japan’s famous anti-aging clinic — WOVE Clinic.

Agent SS have been our customer since Facia Ginza’s launch in Singapore, 5 months ago.
View the full article to learn about our latest treatment — Gentle Peeling Gel Care.

Featured is the Gentle Peeling Gel Care – our latest treatment launched last month. It is a effective solution for numerous skincare problems, including acne & uneven skin tone/texture.

Promotion for August

For the month of August, we will be launching the WOVE style Home Care Bundle to give you greater incensive to try the line of products. At $99+, you get a total of five products at a 23% discount.

Supplmentary to salon treatment, Home Care is a vital part of getting the maximum out of your every visit to Facia Ginza. It will help to enhance the effects & benefits from your salon treatment, giving you fundementally improved skin in the long-term.