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How to Prevent Aging Skin

Human aging is a complex biological process, which is inevitable for everyone. Let us introduce you to what is aging, causes of aging and how to slow down aging. The degree of skin aging is related to each person’s age, light exposure, heat and endocrine, nutritional status, lifestyle habits (alcoholism, smoking, staying up late, etc.). …

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Importance of Facial Massage

One of the facial treatments that we commonly overlooked is fundamental and regular facial. Today, let us explore one of the facial treatments that will slow down the aging process, enhance skin tone and improve the appearance of your skin. Facial massage, which is often mistaken as “fundamental”, yet it is an essential element of good …

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What is the Lymphatic System?

The lymphatic system is a crucial part of your immune system. Through a network of hundreds of lymph nodes, it drains fluid called lymph to be transported back into your bloodstream. It also removes bodily waste and carries white blood cells that help prevent infection. There are three main lymph nodes in the face and …

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