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Therapist Vivian

Stretching Benefits Your Posture

Staying flexible is important because as you get older, your muscles tighten – it’s just a natural part of becoming more mature. But it can also cause some problems if you don’t counteract it with stretching. Muscles are made up of a collection of many long cells or fibres. Which are enclosed in a tough …

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What is Small Face Care?

SMALL FACE CARE has been applauded by patients for easing their neck and back pain and discomfort caused by temporomandibular joint disorders. It can stimulate Cerebrospinal Fluid circulation in our body system. People who have undergone sessions of Small Face Care have claimed to experience better sleep and far fewer migraines. What many people don’t …

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Facial Asymmetry – Why does this happens and What Can We Do About It?

Facial asymmetry is getting increasingly high on the list for women’s concerns. It occurs when one side does not exactly line up or mirror the other. Have you ever really looked at your face and noticed asymmetry? Perfect bilateral symmetry is rarely found, and these asymmetries can be attributed into biological and environmental factors.  Genetics, …

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