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Cleansing Gel and Washing Soap by WOVE style

You will feel energetic, refreshed, stabilized, and ready to face the day.

This is internal and external skincare at a clinical-grade level. emerged from molecular cytology. Based on its clinical experiences in anti-aging treatments. WOVE clinic developed a professional product line. Japanese and International dermatologists and experts together have painstakingly researched and innovated the latest technologies to create the effective and safety products, What WOVE style seeks is not just temporary results but fundamentally rejuvenated skin. The concept is to evoke the skin’s natural ability to heal aging damage and maintain healthy skin structure and function. Home care products to reinforce your salon treatment. Everyday skincare is the most important factor to maintain the salon treatment and keep your skin even more beautiful for a longer time. These clinical grade homecare products focus on revitalizing cells to improve skin structure. You will experience timeless beauty.

Now, I will introduce 2 products: –

  1. Cleansing Gel

Cleansing Gel is an oil free special gel to lift away makeup and sebum. It can wash away clearly and do not burden your skin. Unlike oil or cream cleansing, you will not feel your skin is dehydrated. It helps your skin keep fresh, young, and smooth. It’s also very suitable for the person with sensitive skin and eyelash extension lovers. The main ingredients of this product are polyglutamic acid, PCA-NA, Lactic acid, Glycyrrhizic acid and Eucalyptus extract. The recommended way of using this method is first put an appropriate amount on the skin to float makeup and dirt, and then rinse it out with tepid water or wipe it off with wet sponges. 

  1. Washing Soap 

Washing Soap is a foam type of soap. It can thoroughly remove dirt and sebum. This also helps to moisturize the skin after washing it. Moreover, the rich foam removes dirt easily, so there is no need for rubbing. This washing soap is made from natural cleansing ingredients, such as soap nut oil, hyaluronic acid, Trehalose, tocopherol, vitamin E. The recommended way to use this is, firstly, foam the soap into generous lather and Softly massage it into the face. Secondly, rinse well with water or wipe off completely with wet sponges. 

Last but not least, these two products will be amazingly effective when used together.

You will feel energetic, refreshed, stabilized, and ready to face the day.