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Managing Stress

Stress is one of the inevitable parts in everyone’s life, especially in current demanding society. Moderate amount of stress could motivate you to strive harder in life, to be excited about overcoming challenges. On the other hand, stress overload could be detrimental to mental and physical health. Reality speaking, eliminating stress in life is next to impossible, however like most problems in life, stress can be managed and reduced. Here are 10 useful tips that could help you in managing stress.

1. Spread Out the Changes in Your Life
Having a series of major events in a short span of time could be disastrous and energy consuming.
For example getting married, changing jobs, moving to a new house or neighbourhood. By spacing out major events, you could be more focused and thus having more control over the event. You will still have time to manage and adjust yourself to the changes in life, for better or worse.

2. Plan your time well
Planning in advance with the available information and resources could help you to be more prepared for the upcoming events and challenges. Planning gives you an overview of the tasks you have to complete in order to achieve the aims. At work, you will need to have a to-do list for daily tasks or monthly tasks, taking deadlines into consideration. At home, marking out weekends for family activities also counts as planning.

3. Be realistic about what you can do by
Goal-setting is one of the good ways to get yourself started on planning your time. Setting goals allow you to have a target to work towards. However be noted that goals should be set realistically and achievable, setting easy goals could not be as motivating but having failed so many difficult goals is definitely discouraging, which could cause more stress due to lack of confidence.

4. Think positively, even during stressful situations
State of mind is an interesting thing, with that being said, having a positive outlook in life could perhaps help you see the current situation you’re in with a new perspective. In a stressful situation, taking the problem as a challenge instead of an obstacle may lead to new opportunities.

5. Set aside some time for yourself regularly
Set some time for yourself, doing what you really enjoy in a few hours during the weekend or at night. Understand that spending time with friends, family, colleagues could strengthen relationships, but spending quality time for yourself could refresh your mental and physical wellbeing.

6. Spend time with your close ones
Plan for a family outing or a gathering with friends every once in a whole. Interacting with your close ones takes stress off your mind. With a deepened relationship, knowing someone who cares for you will give you more courage to deal with life because you know you have their support even in the toughest times.

7. Stay physically healthy
Exercising will not only increase overall health and your sense of well-being, but exercise also has some direct stress-busting benefits. When you’re physically fit, stress will have less adverse effect on your body and thus improves your mood. You could start by something simple like taking the stairs instead of the lift.

8. Learn some relaxation techniques
Plenty of choices like controlled breathing exercises, mental relaxation exercises could effectively help in relieving stress. Relaxation techniques help you recover faster by calming down your senses towards the surrounding. Techniques include visual imagery and meditation, and muscle relaxation techniques.

9. Maintain a balanced diet
Eating a proper diet will result in the stress having less impact on your body. For instance, consuming foods high in vitamin C, such as oranges can strengthen the immune system, stabilize moods and reduce blood pressure. For short: eat right, drink well, stress less.

10. Get sufficient sleep
After a long day, a good night sleep should be rewarded to wash away the fatigue and 7 hours of sleep every night is basic but important. Rest well for tomorrow so you will be able to concentrate better and be more productive. A clear and refreshed mind will help you cope better in stressful situations.