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Customer Satisfaction is our Happiness

Everything that we do, from the various treatment to the salon’s ambience and service quality is part of the Facia Experience which we strive to deliver every single time.

Since our launch in Singapore, there have been a steady increase in media features and reviews. We value genuine customer reviews at Facia Ginza and we take in to consideration every bit of feedback we receive from our customers.

Voted for Beauty Blog in the Singapore Blog Awards 2015, Beauty Blogger Fiona came to Facia GInza to try our Premium Facial Care. As part of her wedding preparation, she came to Facia with the intention to look extra sharp for her upcoming photoshoot.  Find out more about how it help her look extra sharp for her photoshoot below.

In August 2018, Facia Ginza had the honour of hosting 3 ladies from the ExpatLiving Team. They tried the Premium Facial Care which consist of our Signature Small Face Care with a clinical-grade skincare treatment of their choice. 

It was a bit painful but as they say, no pain no gain — the results speak for itself! 

Agent G from BeautyUndercover became our instant follower after trying the Signature Small Face Care during her first session with us.

Being a busy worker, she often have trouble with sleeping well at night. Since our massage, she gets to enjoy quality rest consistently, helping her stay engaged during the day. 

Since then, Facia Ginza Singapore have been regularly featured on BeautyUndercover with articles detailing the various benefits of the treatment.

Ryoko-san from BYST tried our 90 mins Premium Facial Care and was highly impressed with the immediate effects of the treatment! 

Our Facial Therapist, Carol was complimented highly by Ryoko-san who mentioned that the standard of facial care by her was fantastic and similar to treatment she tried in the best salon from Japan.

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