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Japan’s Revolutionary Electroporation Treatment at up to 40 off this November

At Facia Ginza, we believe in beauty without invasive-procedures.

This month, Facia Ginza is offering up to 40% off our electroporation treatment.

Read on to learn about the latest technology for delivering vital beauty nutrients to our skin.

What is Electroporation?

Developed by the innovation of Japanese expert dermatologists, Electroporation is the latest and most revolutionary technology for the delivery of skincare treatment.

Comparision with Outdated Methods

The biggest difference is Electroporation is able to penetrate deeply into our skin.

This means key nutrients and vital beauty essences can reach deeper to our skin, giving us long-term benefits!

Types of Beauty Essences

Two types of Essence available at Facia Ginza

Specially imported from Japan, they are created by Japanese renowned anti-aging clinic – WOVE Clinic.

More than just visible results, they contain key nutrients that is fundemental for long-term skincare.

Agent SS have been our customer since Facia Ginza’s launch in Singapore, 5 months ago.
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