Signature Small Face Care

Originally Developed by Facia Ginza

Uniquely developed by science, Small Face Care is a new therapy combining Osteopathic & Aesthetic Treatment. 

It is a 100% Non Surgical and Non Invasive facial massage that can help women achieve natural beauty and bring forth significant health benefits

No Surgery Required

Small Face Care is 100% non-invasive and non-surgical. With the unique methodology developed by Facia, women can expect immediate results from the treatment derived from research by Japan’s orthopedic doctors. Above all, there is no downtime from the treatment.

Natural V-Shape Face

Our signature treatment is designed to provide a immediate facial lift to women, allowing one to have a more obvious jawline and sharper chin. By improving the rate of waste discharge along with reducing water retention, women will be able to observe a sharper V in their face.

Facial Symmetry & Radiant Skin

Small Face Care involves the process of stimulating the bones through muscles. This allows restoration from Facial Asymmetry to allow a more balanced face.

With Small Face Care, there is improved blood circulation to improve waste discharge and increase the supply of nutrients to our skin; resulting in fundamentally improved skin to achieve long-term natural beauty.

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